no drugs can replace you

I am a strange girl lost in this strange world. And sometimes when I am sad I listen music and sometimes it's just exactly what happened and how I feel and: when I'm sad  I get so clumsy and you are way too young to understand and I'm way too desperate to be seen, so I fall for you like a fool for gold 'cause you look so pure and I love your voice.
And I think there's no love, but just proof of love and you just proved me that you'd never care and it's been raining now for three days straight as a sad reflect on my sorry state. And I remember you said with me you felt the best that you ever ever felt...
But if I get sober would you swear to love me? If I get sober, could you fall for me? -Soko
No drugs can replace you!
105 x 90 cm, 8/2013

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