the autumn spirit

I don't know which season is my most favorite but it's definitely not a winter. I like spring when everything is reborn and the nature is waking up. Anyway I prefere summer when it's sunny and hot, the sun makes me happy and I enjoy the warm evenings with my friends. But I love the autumn, (not only) because I have birthday... Everything is colorful and I can cook the pumpkin soup every day.

For Autumn, what is my...
1. Favourite thing about it? The falling leaves and Indian summer...
2. Favourite drink? Coffee, like always... and Rize tea.
3. Favourite color? Brown. The true is I always change my favorite color depending on the season or the mood...
4. Best things to do? Kicking the leaves in the park and going fly a kite
5. Favourite music or band/singer to listen to? My favourite music is changing every week. For now It's The Great Gatsby soundtrack and Paper Lions
6. Favourite outfit to wear? Parka & Boots
7. Autumn treat? Pumpkin soup!
8. Favourite place to be? On the sofa under a blanket watching old american movies with my man/best friend.
Have a lovely Autumn everyone :)

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